Relationship Centered

We understand how painful it can be when you and your partner(s) feel like you are in constant turmoil and conflict. By exploring your own emotions, expanding your understanding of your partner(s), and developing new ways of communication, it can get better.  You and your partner(s) are communicating, just not in a ways that are working for you. 

If you love each other and still feel stuck, what you are probably struggling with is emotional attunement.  We help people in relationships to listen to their partner’s emotions, and respond in a loving and compassionate way.  It may help for you to know that healthy people argue. So, we can help you to learn to fight fairer so that it resolves quickly and creates more understanding, safety, and security.

We respect, affirm, and embrace our work with all relationships, including heterosexual relationships, childless by choice couples, blended families, same-sex couples, gender diverse couples, poly relationships, mixed orientation marriages, and kink lifestylers.