What is Client-Centered Strength-Based Psychotherapy?

You matter and what you bring to the sessions is what we care about. Read a little more...

Will I learn new things in therapy?

Definitely, Yes. Our approaches help you to develop insight into who you are and  develop a wide range of personal skills to help you to meet your goals.  

Joy is as joy does

Joy does as joy is

What comes first the feeling of joy or the actions that express joy. I believe that there is no difference. Therapy allows you to develop insights into yourself that allows for a wider range of freedom in your emotions and actions.  Recognizing and resolving past and present conflicts in your life is the first step.

You already know the results of most of the unresolved conflicts in your life, that is what is bringing you to therapy. It's those things that seem to happen over and over and over. Therapy helps you to understand the factors that create those results. These interfere with joy like fog can block a scenic view.

Why do we talk about joy?  Well, joy is a state of mind and body that we would all like to find and sustain. Clearing the fog is the first step. Then we have to realize that joy does not depend on other things to exist. Of course some things build more joy, it is not a steady state.

Will we also experience stress, disappointment, or any other emotion? The answer will always be: yes. These of course cannot be avoided, but how long you stay there is the important question. What is their real impact on your life? Your strengths are the things that you already know, and in therapy you can learn new things to keep your joy. 

What if some of the joy stayed with you all of the time, and sometimes just got better. Wouldn’t that be a nice way to live. Well, that is our goal in therapy.

Independent Centered

Our overarching goal in all of our therapies is to help you to be that full functioning independent person you want to be. Independent does not mean being alone. It means bringing your strengths and sensitivities into every relationship that you have. This is really what makes them work. 

LGBTQ+Affirmative Centered

We are LGBT+affirmative. Being affirmative means that we move beyond from acceptance to celebrating. Read a little more...

Diversity Centered

We, like you,  are a diverse group of people with unique skills and backgrounds. Our common thread is that we care deeply about our patients and will work tirelessly to help you to achieve your goals.

Relationship Centered
We respect, affirm, and embrace our work with all relationships, including heterosexual relationships, childless by choice couples, blended families, same-sex couples, gender diverse couples, poly relationships, and mixed orientation marriages. Read a little more...

We offer Client-Centered Strength-Based individual therapy services for: 

  • adults
  • couples
  • college students
  • professionals
  • artists
  • young adults just getting started

All genders, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds.

Why do people come to us: 
People recognize on some level that they are “stuck”

Perfectionism, feelings of shame, guilt and unworthy

Major life changes and transitions

People trying to live their true identity

Relationships with partners, friends, and family members

Oppression related to minority status

Difficulties with self-compassion and self-esteem

Behaviors, thoughts or actions that feel out of control

Dr. Schwimmer

Cultural Centered

We have the highest respect for your culture, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and family heritage. These are the things that have helped to shape you into who you are today. Read a little more...


Finding Your Place in the World - We Can Help

Identity Centered

If you are asking: “Who am I and where am I going?” then you’re on an identity journey – namely figuring out who you are and who you want to be. These are great questions to ask, and we can help you in your exploration. 

Feminist Centered

Feminism challenges the gender roles and expectations imposed on all of us and the ways that holds us all back. At it's core it encourages the beliefs and actions that reaffirm that women are fully equal. If you are a man who seem to not be allowed his feelings. If you are a transgender or non-binary person and know how difficult it is to live your true identity, we understand and are here to help. Read a little more...