Yes, ADHD/ADD is a real problem.

Many children and adults struggle with attention, focus and concentration problems.  ADHD is a combination of a neurological problem and poor skill development in attention and concentration. It can effect a person's home, school and work life.

Some people have problems only with paying attention and other have attention problems plus hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is when you are constantly moving, fidgeting or thoughts are constantly racing through your mind. 

Problems with inattention lead to:

  • Making errors that interfere with getting work done 
  • Taking excessive amounts of time to get work done 
  • Distractibility 
  • Disorganization 
  • Forgetfulness 
  • Difficulty following through on directions
  • Unable to follow a conversation
  • Poor time management  

What is Testing for ADHD/ADD?

Testing for ADHD/ADD involves taking a close look at your behaviors and determining if they meet the criteria for ADHD. A set of tests are given that measure attention, memory, attention to detail, and listening memory.

After the testing is completed we review the results together and talk about treatment options.