Why is your child struggling in school, not able to pay attention, not learning, has a poor memory, always seems to sad, feeling nervous too often, alway mad, refusing to go to school, or spending too much time alone? 

What is psychological or psycho-educational testing for children and teens?

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Processing issues
  • Psychological Problems
  • Learning Style

Testing helps to clarify why a child is having problems that parents and teachers may observe in them.

When a child is struggling in school, testing can help to determine if the cause is a learning disability, ADD/ADHD, processing issues or due to emotional difficulties. Testing allows for an assessment to be done in a short period of time and the report can be taken directly to the school. This testing is often used by the schools to determine if a child needs additional assistance or classroom placement.

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Child and Adolescents Psychological and Educational Testing